~ Position has been filled for 2019 Season~

We’re looking for some extra help on the farm for the 2019 growing season. This would be a part-time internship position for someone looking to gain experience growing vegetables within the context of market gardening.


what we’re looking for

interest — are you interested in learning about growing vegetables for markets and restraunts? are you interested in farming or homesteading?

time — from March - Oct/Nov, do you have 3-4 days a week you’re willing to commit to coming out to the farm for 8hrs/day?

skills — we’re learning too! do you have something to share or teach us? we’d love to have someone that could teach us something new or expand on something we already do. We all have skills, talents and innate gifts - what can you share with us? farming related or otherwise.

commitment — are you willing to show up rain or shine? good days and bad days?

About The Position

  • Part-time Intern

  • 3-4 days a week (8hrs/day), Beginning of March - Oct/Nov.

  • Daily Jobs Include: working in the greenhouse, seed starting, watering, up-planting, putting up low tunnels, prepping beds, direct-seeding, transplanting, harvesting, post harvest (washing, packing, storage), building/carpentry, cleaning, farmers markets, restaurant deliveries, working with the animals (if you’d liked, not required)

  • Compensation: gas money/wk, 2 meals/day, box of fresh veggies/wk, internship credit, life credit :)