the Gardens

We approach farming and working with the land as an intuitive, collaborative process. By choosing cultural practices that are regenerative, earth-based and ecological we focus on giving back to the land, for all that it abundantly gives to us.  

We are lucky to have found our forever home nestled in the mountains of Zionville, NC -  20 minutes outside of Boone.  Focusing primarily on salad greens and mushroom production - we cultivate only one & a half acres throughout the growing season.  You can find our produce at local restaurants and farmers markets - please feel free to connect with us! 



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About the farmers

It was only a matter of time until Casey & Tyler found their way to farming.  The pair met in Boone, NC some years back and have been traversing the mountains and valleys of life together ever since.  Casey, originally from South Africa, recalls her fondest and earliest memories as those on her grandparent's farm in the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa --  land that is as wild and remote as it is beautiful.   Tyler, found his way to Boone from Western Pennsylvania, where his first lessons in nature were deeply ingrained. With a deep reverence for the outdoors, he finds peace amongst the rocks and the rivers.  When he's not on the farm you'll catch him rock climbing or fly fishing, or some where in between with a banjo in his hands and a tune on his lips. Together, Casey and Tyler have embarked on their farming journey with intention and devotion. For them it is the greatest honor to be stewards of the land and to co-create health and healing through food.  

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