I've always been a curious, inquisitive soul....

Born on the Sunny coast of South Africa, my family and I moved to America during an especially curious stage of my life around the age of 10.  I was talking to animals and listening to fairies, trying to move objects with my mind like the precocious young Matilda, and I was reading...I loved to read. My young curiosity for the things we cannot see nor explain lead me on a deep inner quest and to the path of spirituality.  I was a self proclaimed Vegetarian and Buddhist by the age of 12 and although I had read and researched what I could at that age, I really had not the fainest idea what it all meant -- except that I found this little thing called Mediation...and it was lovely.  

Around that same time I was introduced the classic work of literature Siddhartha by Herman Hesse...and thats when my inner cosmos went wild. I really felt something fluttering inside me.  The same ONENESS that I had felt with the plants and animals as a child was making sense to me again and I could feel some inner Truth begin to awaken.  It was the beginning. Without the proper guidance, however, I was swayed by society and social conditioning and thus blossomed from adolecent to young adult frustrated with the futility of life, desperate for a connection and understanding of the muchness of existence. But my forever curiosity was constantly entangling me in the world of metaphysics, astrology, alternative healing, shamanism, herbalism and transcendence which eventually lead me to -- Yoga.  

While I practiced Yoga as a supplement to my alternative lifestyle throughout my days at University, it wasn't until I graduated with a deep sense of dread and hopelessness that I knew I was bound for something other than what I had planned.  Through a process and practice of self healing, surrender and devotion to the Universe and the Divine Mother...I began to step into my infinite Truth.  It is this practice I continue today...a practice of staying firmly grounded and supported in the light of the Universe and the power of my of eternal Being-ness.

Hare Om Tat Sat. 
(the seen and the unseen, are both one)

I Am...

A wisdom seeker and cloud reader...a day dreamer and veggie eater.  I am a friend to the flowers and student of the trees -- I hear the songs & whispers in the rustling of their leaves.  

I am a barefoot walker and midnight talker... a moonlight dancer and deep star traveler,

I am a brave healer and an earth wandering warrior...